Building is my passion. I, Ritesh Shah, have 15 years of extensive experience in construction including subdivisions, demolitions, building and property valuation. I am very keen to provide my expertise to my clients in order to achieve successful profitable building projects. I will assist you to forecast project costs and finish up your project within budget.

Our goal is to provide quality on time projects. I will assist you to search for a fixed price contract with a builder to avoid any surprises during construction stage.

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I assist with acquiring development sites for my clients. I understand the difficulties faced in finding potential sites throughout South Australia, so I offer expert services to meet this challenge.


Infinity conducts an extensive analysis of a property to determine its best use, based on your goals, economic viability, local regulations and codes. This will help you determine if a specific site is suitable .

Approvals and Divisions

We help turning your dreams into a reality by assisting to prepare all the documentation to get council approval for your project. There are individual considerations depending on the local.

Building Specification

The building specifications include plans, elevations, material specifications, colour specifications, product specifications, floor and wall covering specification which forms part of the contract. These items are specified by the customers during selection process.

Detail quantity estimating

Quantity estimation through Infinity helps to see the final price for a specific project. It also allows the different stakeholders to see the cost implications if they are proposing any changes at all the phases of construction process. Hence, you can be assured that the budget overruns due.

Project Management

Infinity handles the planning, coordination, and execution of your whole construction project. My goal is to keep the project moving according to plan so that it finishes on schedule and within budget while still meeting building codes, plans, and specs. .




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